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Article by: Sarah Koontz

Today we kick off our 2020 Fall Fundraiser. 

This is a time for our ministry team to reflect on and rejoice over the good gifts God has given us this past year. 

It is also a time for us to share our vision for 2021 and invite you to partner with us as we seek to continue creating free Bible study resources for a world in need.

Over the next three weeks, our blog posts and SOULfood e-mails will be packed to the brim with uplifting stories from our community. 

We desire to show you how God is using Living by Design Ministries to disciple and encourage Christian women around the globe.

During the first ten months of 2020, Living by Design Ministries:

  • Reached 125,000+ people in 165 countries with our Bible-centered blog posts.
  • Welcomed 9,800 new subscribers into our Bible study community.
  • Delivered 16,626 free Bible studies to inboxes around the world.
  • Shared Bible-focused content with more than 1 million people on social media.
  • Raised enough funds to cover 58% of our operating expenses for 2020.

To finish this year without a deficit, we seek to raise an additional $25,000 in support by December 15. 

We understand that many of our readers are unable to donate at this time. If that is you, be encouraged! Your prayers, shares, and stories are also essential elements of our overall fundraising strategy.  

We want to kick off our Fall Fundraiser by sharing an encouraging reader testimony with you.

Then we will share five simple ways to show your support for our free Bible study ministry over the next three weeks.

Chineye's Story: One of the Best Gifts God Gave Me in 2020

I have been part of the Living by Design Bible study community since April. I am currently living in Nigeria with my three-month-old son. I was supposed to join my husband in the UK in the spring, but because of COVID-19, I could not travel to be with him for the birth of our son. So I had my baby here in Nigeria and have had to take care of him alone without my husband. I hope to be reunited with my husband in the UK by the end of the year.

Over the past several months, this ministry has been like a life vest thrown to a drowning person. Pregnant and separated from my husband, I struggled with depression and anxiety. I needed something to keep me sane in spite of my challenges. Then I found this ministry! 

I have completed five free Bible studies so far, and am currently doing the JoyFULL study. This ministry is one of the best gifts God gave me in 2020, and I held onto it. If these Bible studies were not available for free, I would not have been able to participate in them. I am thankful for everyone who supports this ministry so that I can have free access to these amazing guided Bible studies. -Chineye, from Nigeria

5 Ways to Support Living by Design Ministries this Giving Season

1- Make your donation early to set the giving trend. Nearly 31% of annual giving occurs in the last few weeks of the year. One-quarter of nonprofits raise between 26-50% of their annual funds from their year-end fundraising efforts. Donate early to show others that this ministry is worth investing in! 

2 – Share our ministry with your friends. Tell your friends why you support this ministry and invite them to do the same! Or, create a fundraiser on Facebook and share a post to help raise funds for Living by Design Ministries. People are most likely to give to organizations they already know or are recommended to them by friends. 

3 – Pray for Living by Design & our donors. Prayer is the most powerful tool in our spiritual toolbox. God knows the financial needs of this ministry, and He is the One who supernaturally guides and equips His people to accomplish His good purposes upon the earth. Ask Him to show us favor during this fundraiser and to shower His blessings on the individuals who choose to invest in our mission. 

4 – Set up a monthly donation. If 10% of our readers invested $10 a month in our free Bible study ministry, 100% of our financial needs would be met. All of our monthly donors also receive early access to our Bible studies and encouraging update videos from Sarah Koontz each month.

5 – Consider Corporate Matching Gifts or Payroll Contributions: Many companies offer their employees payroll deductions or matching gift programs to encourage charitable giving. Through December 8, you can use this free online tool to see if your company will match your donation to Living by Design Ministries and easily access the forms, guidelines, and instructions you need to submit your matching gift request.

woman's hands holding a note that says give | fundraiser to cover the cost of our free bible study resources

Your Donation Makes a Big Difference!

We are a nonprofit ministry on a mission to deliver free Bible studies to inboxes around the world.

In order to achieve our ministry goals, we must do two things:

  1. Produce incredible, life-changing, Bible-focused studies.
  2. Fundraise to cover the cost of delivering those studies for free.

Your financial gift will help us continue to create high-quality Bible study resources and provide them free of charge to Christian women worldwide.


We are honored by the trust your donation demonstrates and grateful for your willing participation in this vital work.

By God’s grace and because of your generosity, we will continue to provide free Bible study resources for Christian women in 2021 and beyond!


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About the Author: Sarah Koontz

About the Author: Sarah Koontz

Sarah Koontz is the founder of Living by Design Ministries, a non-profit organization that exists to deliver free Bible Studies to inboxes around the world. She is a passionate storyteller who enjoys using illustrations to communicate deep spiritual truths. Sarah and her husband Ryan live on thirteen acres in the heart of the Black Hills, SD. They have two beautiful daughters, a rowdy flock of chickens, and a house full of foster kittens. Sarah is an avid gardener, a faithful coffee drinker, lover of one-pot-dinners, an unexpected homeschooler, and a Dallas Seminary student.

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