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To finish this year without a deficit, we seek to raise an additional $24,000 in support during our Fall Fundraiser. Thanks to our generous matching donors, every dollar will be doubled through December 13.
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Storyteller Study
Updated and expanded to include 15 new devotionals! This free 7-week Bible study explores all of Christ’s major parables. Each day we will sit at the feet of the ultimate Storyteller and soak up the wisdom and hope His words provide.
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Our Mission
Living by Design Ministries is a non-denominational, non-profit Christian ministry that delivers free Bible studies to inboxes around the world.
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Free Advent Reading Plan
As you walk through this 4-week plan, you will be invited to slow down, remember, anticipate, and rejoice in all Jesus Christ has done and all He has promised to do.
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Bible Study Reinvented
Do you sometimes feel you are too busy for Bible study? All you need to complete our FREE Bible studies is 15-minutes per day and an e-mail address.
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Living by Design Ministries equips christian women to

Explore the beauty of God's design, establish godly lives, and exude God's love.

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At Living by Design Ministries, we believe God’s Word is the only source of absolute truth in a world that praises tolerance and ambiguity. We exist to help women of all ages open their Bibles, understand what they are reading, and apply the freeing truths to their lives. – Sarah Koontz, Founder

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The Living by Design Blog

 Articles on the  Living by Design Blog are packed with heart-focused content, practical solutions for real-life, and Bible-based training. The Bible is packed with spiritual nourishment; our aim is to provide resources to help you break it down into bite-sized pieces that are easy to digest. 

Walking into a Closer Relationship with God

By Katherine Pasour As I drove into my favorite nature trail parking lot, I felt my tension begin to ease before I exited the car. I changed shoes, grabbed my hat, and set off briskly down the trail, savoring the fresh fall air as I lifted my face toward the afternoon sun.  A gentle breeze

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Powerful Life-Lessons from Peter’s Epistles

In this week’s blog, I will share the topics and themes of Peter’s Epistles. Together, we will establish a foundational understanding of the key concepts in these two epistles. We will also seek to develop an action plan based on the truth woven into these powerful books. My goal is to help you grasp the

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Authentic Faith in Troubled Times

By Donna Bucher Patiently listening, my heart ached as I heard the familiar refrain. A family member expressing the overwhelming feeling of being “lost.” As a member of a hospice and palliative medicine clinical support personnel team, I receive many calls from the community looking for help or support for a loved one declining from

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Three Free Summer Bible Study Options for You!

Luke 6:45 says, “A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.“ Out of the good treasure of the heart—he brings forth good.Out of

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How to Keep Your Sanity as a Work-At-Home Mom this Summer

By Michelle Flaningan I’ve always been a working mom, and up until six years ago, I worked in an office setting.  I had finally accepted life as a working mom when one of our twin sons was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  Many changes needed to take place, including a more present parent to help

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10 Ways to Cultivate a Family-Friendly Church

by Karen Carlton  “Shhhhh!”  I whispered for the hundredth time.   I glanced at my watch as my two little girls squirmed and wiggled during church.   I tried to keep a pleasant look on my face, but I was running out of patience on our first visit to our new church.  This first visit and lots

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