31 Days of Prayer
Join us for 31 days of strategic and specific prayer for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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DWELL: 360 Days in the Word
Just one truth a day for 360 days! In this free Bible Study, you will discover who God is and who He made you to be as you learn how to DWELL in God's Word.
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Our Mission
Living by Design Ministries is a non-denominational, non-profit Christian ministry that delivers free Bible studies to inboxes around the world.
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Bible Study Reinvented
Do you sometimes feel you are too busy for Bible study? All you need to complete our FREE Bible studies is 15-minutes per day and an e-mail address.
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Living by Design Ministries equips christian women to

Explore the beauty of God's design, establish godly lives, and exude God's love.

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At Living by Design Ministries, we believe God’s Word is the only source of absolute truth in a world that praises tolerance and ambiguity. We exist to help women of all ages open their Bibles, understand what they are reading, and apply the freeing truths to their lives. – Sarah Koontz, Founder

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The Living by Design Blog

 Articles on the  Living by Design Blog are packed with heart-focused content, practical solutions for real-life, and Bible-based training. The Bible is packed with spiritual nourishment; our aim is to provide resources to help you break it down into bite-sized pieces that are easy to digest.

How to Replace the World’s Lies with God’s Truth

| Article by: Theresa Boedeker | For years I tried to appear like Mary Poppins. “Practically perfect in every way.” Which was impossible, as humans are far from perfect.  But still, I tried. Early in life, I thought that if I were perfect than people would not get mad at me. Nor would I make

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How Can a Good God Allow Suffering?

One of the primary issues people have with the Christian faith is trying to understand how a good God can permit so much suffering upon this earth. It’s a question I still grapple with regularly. Today, I’d like to share a fresh approach to this question that offers a reasonable explanation for, at least, some

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Do You Want to Get Well?

| Article by: Cindy Singleton | The sound of my breaking bone still rings in my ears. We were ice skating at the end of a family vacation in the mountains. The ice rink was jam-packed with busloads of kids who’d arrived shortly after we did.  One of them darted right in front of me

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How to Pray Scripture Over Your Marriage {+A Free Printable}

| A Guest Post by Jana Carlson | Marriage is hard. Even healthy Christian marriages take work and go through difficulties. Ours is no exception. When my husband and I celebrate our twenty-second anniversary this year, it will be a testimony of God’s grace and the sustaining power of His Word. We were very young when

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God’s Story: Offering Hope to A World in Need

The story of the Bible, in my own words. This article is inspired by Scripture, the teaching of Dr. Vic Anderson and the writing of Barry Jones, James Smith, and Timothy Keller. Humankind was created to image God—to reflect the character of the Creator on the earth. Driven by a desire to be their own

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Obedience: The Christian’s Clear Assignment

| A Guest Post by Michele Morin | My young friend’s question was as deeply earnest as it was misguided: “I know I need to read and pray every day, but isn’t it just hypocritical to go through the motions on days when I’m not feelin’ it?” It’s not hard to trace this line of reasoning to

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