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What is the Storyteller study about?

The Storyteller study is a free four-week study of Christ’s parables. God Himself walked this earth for thirty-three years. Blood, sweat, and tears marked His flesh—pain and persecution marked His soul. He lived among us; He walked beside us. He used simple stories to teach the masses about the grace, mercy, and kindness of our God. Jesus Christ is the ultimate role model. His stories are significant and life-changing; His words are worthy of our study. I love studying Christ’s parables because they illuminate His heart and reveal His plan for us. 

Tell me more about your Bible studies.

We want to help you fit Bible study into your busy schedule. That is why our studies are packed with laser-focused devotionals and free digital gifts, delivered straight to your inbox. Unlike many other “free” online Bible studies, you do not need to purchase a companion book or additional resources to complete our studies. Everything you need will be delivered straight to your inbox, at absolutely no cost to you. All you need to complete our Bible studies is 15-minutes per day, an internet connection, and an open heart. 

What is a Launch Team?

A launch team is a group of early readers who preview the study, supply feedback to our team, and help promote the study through their personal network. We view our launch team members as our sounding board and megaphone for the study. Launch team members will be given specific direction on practical ways to help this free Bible study build momentum and reach new readers with the important biblical message it contains. 

What type of people are you looking for?

We are looking for people who believe in the mission and vision of Living by Design Ministries and are willing to dedicate their time and talents to help us promote the Storyteller Bible study. Specifically, we are looking for individuals who have some measure of influence online or within a local ministry. If you agree with our statement of faith and have a desire to help with this Bible study launch, you are welcome to apply.

What is the launch Schedule?

Before applying for our Launch Team, please review the schedule below and make certain you do not have any scheduling conflicts. 

  • September 16 –  Members Receive Preview of Study
  • September 24 –  Feedback/Reviews Due
  • Sep 25 – Oct 11 – Launch Team Promotion Window

What are your expectations?

During the promotion window for the study, Launch Team Members will receive one e-mail per week with updates and share requests. We expect all launch team members to engage with our social media posts, share our blog posts, and actively promote the study during our Launch Team Promotion Window. 

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