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& Commit to Praying for the Global Church for the Next 31 Days.

Sarah Koontz invites you to join us for 31 days of prayer for Christians around the world. Together we will pray strategic, daily prayers for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering. And together we will experience the unifying, sanctifying power of prayer in our everyday lives.

Charles Spurgeon once said, “Many mercies are transported from heaven in the ship of prayer.” Unite with us in prayer this May as we ask God to shower mercy upon His people. 


● Pray with Confidence According to Scripture
● Utilize a Targeted Approach to Prayer
● Practice Journaling Your Prayers
● Unite with Other Believers in Prayer
● Experience the Transformative Power of Prayer

We do not know what tomorrow holds, but we do know the One who holds tomorrow in His hands. Together, we can make a difference during this pandemic by committing the firstfruits of our time and energy to prayer and supplication on behalf of the suffering saints around the world.

Everyone who signs up for our free prayer guide will also receive weekly invitations to join us on our exclusive community prayer calls. 

Don’t forget to invite your friends and family to join us! Even when we cannot be near one another physically, we can draw near to one another spiritually by the power of prayer. 

A Look Inside Our Free 31-Day Prayer Guide

The concept behind this prayer guide and thirty-one-day prayer strategy is simple. Each day you will be given a prayer prompt and a corresponding Scripture.

Our fifteen-page printable prayer guide includes an assortment of helpful tools including:

  • Welcome Letter & Instructions
  • 31 Day Prayer Calendar 
  • Prayer Prompts with Daily Scriptures 
  • Printable Monthly Prayer Checklist
  • Three Printable Journaling Page Designs
  •  Targeted Approach to Prayer
  • BONUS Targeted Prayer Journal Page
The Prayer Calendar is un-dated so that you can use it time and again as you seek to strengthen your prayer life. 

Learn More About Living by Design Ministries

At Living by Design Ministries, we believe God’s Word is the only source of absolute truth in a world that praises tolerance and ambiguity. We exist to help women of all ages open their Bibles, understand what they are reading, and apply the freeing truths to their lives.

The purpose of this ministry is to build a bridge between God’s people and God’s Word by providing biblically accurate, relatable, story-driven content to readers each week.

Living by Design Ministries connects women around the globe to the powerful truths of Scripture by creating practical Bible study solutions for the digital age.

It is our dream for women to embrace God’s design for their lives and experience God’s faithful provision as they learn how to glorify Him with their time, talents, and treasures.

We will study the Truth. We will live by the Truth. We will share the Truth.

Connect with Living by Design Ministries on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Read our Statement of Faith HERE. Learn more about Sarah Koontz HERE. 

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