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with Sarah Koontz

Released October 2021, Updated October 2022

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Our Free Parables Study is Now Available On-Demand.

Sarah Koontz invites you to join us for “Storyteller,” a free 7-week Bible study exploring all of Christ’s major parables. Each day we will sit at the feet of the ultimate Storyteller and soak up the wisdom and hope His words provide. Jesus Christ’s practical illustrations will help us comprehend complex spiritual truths and equip us to respond in obedience. 

5 Reasons to Study Christ’s Parables:

● Parables invite us to listen, to gain insight, and to change course.
● Parables help us get past our presuppositions and fears.
● Parables challenge us to refocus our vision on the goals of the kingdom.
● Parables function as filters to help us grasp spiritual truth. 
● Parables reveal the abounding wisdom of the counsel of Christ!

This e-mail-based Bible Study consists of thirty-five lessons delivered over the course of seven weeks (with two rest days each week). You will receive a welcome letter after subscribing and the first devotional will arrive in your inbox tomorrow morning.

Important Note: If you completed the original study, be sure to sign up with the same e-mail address. We will send you part two of the study.  

All you need to complete our free parables Bible study is 15-minutes per day, an e-mail address, and an open heart. Thanks to the generous donations of our Discipleship Team and our Support Team, this study is available for free to anyone who wishes to participate. Don’t forget to invite your friends to join us!

Sriptures & Topics Covered in the Free Parables Study

Week 1

A New Thing | Mt 9:14-17 & Lk 5:33-39

Salt and Light | Mt 5:13-16 & Mk 4:21-25

Strong Foundation | Mt 7:24-29 & Lk 6:46-49

Forgiven Much | Lk 7:36-50

True Abundance | Lk 12:13-21

Week 2

Be Alert! | Mk 13:32-37 & Lk 12:35-40

Repent or Perish | Lk 13:1-9 

Good Ground | Mt 13:1-9 & Mk 4:13-20

The Harvest | Mt 13:24-30, 36-43

Growing Seed | Mk 4:26-34 

Week 3

The Kingdom | Mt 13:33,44-52

Lost Sheep | Lk 15:3-7, Mt 18:10-14

Good Shepherd | Jn 10:1-11

Faith and Duty | Lk 17:7-10

Unmerciful Servant | Mt 18:23-35

Week 4

Neighborly Love | Lk 10:25-37

Keep Praying | Lk 11:5-13

Biblical Humility | Lk 14:7-14

The Invitation | Lk 14:15-24

The Cost | Lk 14:25-35 

Week 5

Lost & Found | Lk 15:8-10

The Younger Son | Lk 15:11-24

The Older Son | Lk 15:25-32

The Shrewd Steward | Lk 16:1-9

The Rich Man | Lk 16:19-26

Week 6

The Lost Brothers | Lk 16:27-31

Kingdom Mindset | Mt 20:1-7

The First Last | Mt 20:8-16

The Crooked Judge | Lk 18:1-8

Prideful Pharisee | Lk 18:9-14

Week 7

Faithful Servant | Lk 19:11-27

Lazy Investor | Mt 25:14-30

Active Obedience | Mt 21:23-3

The Cornerstone | Mt 21:33-46

Be Prepared | Mt 25:1-13

The Parables Study Includes FREE Audio Downloads

free parables study audio version

God has woven each of us together in a beautifully unique way, and He wants to meet us right where we are!

Our team is dedicated to creating resources that help you learn God’s Word in a way that works for you—whether you are a visual learner, a kinesthetic learner, or an auditory learner.

The daily Mp3 audio downloads included in each e-mail are less than 10-minutes long and include both the Scripture reading and devotional.

We believe this audio version of our free parables study will make it easier than ever for women to grow their faith on the go. 

Digital Gifts Included in the Free Parables Study

We have partnered with several Christian Creatives to develop digital gifts to complement the study material. We will dig deep for five days each week, and then we’ll take two days off to rest and enjoy the free digital gifts.

Parable Paintings by Kory Callihan
Read-It Pray-It Cards by Kimberly Amici
Digital Prayer Journal by Michele Kelsey
Scripture Coloring Pages by Amanda Player

Storyteller Reviews

I took great joy and privilege in learning more about the stories I was told as a child. It was wonderful to learn the meaning that Jesus had behind each one. I found the study to be enlightening and thoughtful.
Michele K.
I love the Storyteller study because it has a clear structure and is easy to follow and understand. It doesn't take a lot of time each day so it's ideal for busy people. This Bible study will truly bless you!
Janet G.
Storyteller is a Scripture-based, engaging study of the parables of Jesus. This study truly brings the parables to life! The flow is easy to navigate, and the embedded references keep Scripture at hand at all times.
Charles D.
I appreciate the Sarah doesn't sugar coat or skip over the harder passages. The Storyteller study is interspersed with rich teaching, and will encourage both those who are brand new to Bible study, and those who have studied the Bible for years.
Marissa B.
The Storyteller study breaks down the parables by providing historical context, solid biblical commentary, and questions for personal growth. Each day is packed with gospel saturated content — a must-read for new and seasoned believers alike.
Laura B.
The parables contain many valuable lessons about Christian living and God's kingdom. This study will help you understand why and how Jesus used stories in His sermons. Each Storyteller devotional is thought-provoking but digestible.
Kristine B.

Shareable Graphics for the Free Parables Study

Thank you for sharing the beautiful truths of this study with your friends on social media. To download on your computer, choose an image, then right-click and select “save image as.”   If you are on a handheld device, simply press and hold the image to save.

Get to Know Your Bible Study Partner

Sarah Koontz invites Christians of all ages to explore the beauty of God’s design through her writing at LivingbyDesign.org. She is a passionate storyteller who enjoys using illustrations to communicate deep spiritual truths. Storyteller is Sarah’s 14th free online Bible study, and she hopes to write many more in the years to come.

Sarah and her husband, Ryan, have established a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to support this ministry and invite you to partner with them in their mission to “Feed God’s Sheep.” Every $1 donated to our ministry helps 5 people receive free Bible study material in their inboxes.

Sarah and Ryan live on thirteen acres in the heart of the Black Hills, SD. They have two beautiful daughters, Anya (14) and Nadia (12), a rowdy flock of chickens, and a house full of foster kittens. Sarah is an avid gardener, a faithful coffee drinker, a Dallas Seminary student, and an unexpected homeschooler.

Connect with Living by Design Ministries on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest. Read our Statement of Faith.


This was an incredibly difficult study for me to write. Not because of the content or character of the study itself, but because of the distractions and demands of my everyday life. I have never had to fight so hard to find the space and energy to curate a study for this community. I’ve also never experienced such an extraordinary amount of Divine inspiration and Heavenly help on a day-to-day basis. God is the reason this study exists, and He is the One who deserves all the credit and glory for this project.

Thank you to my husband and daughters for your active and enduring support of Living by Design Ministries. I love how you cover me in prayer, cheer me on, and cherish me every single day. I am so grateful that my immediate family is fully invested in the mission and vision of this ministry. Thanks for loving me well and for sharing me with this special community.

To the Living by Design Ministries’ Board of Directors, thank you for helping me carry the weight of fundraising, strategizing, and protecting the mission and vision of this ministry. To our Pastoral Council Members, thank you for offering a thorough theological review of all our studies before they launch. I also want to acknowledge the authors of the reference books and commentaries that helped me complete the free parables study—especially Dr. Warren Wiersbe and Kline Snodgrass.

To our Support Team and our Discipleship Team, thank you for your faithful donations to help cover the costs of these studies so we can offer them free of charge. To our Prayer Team, thank you for covering this ministry in prayer on a daily basis. To our Creative Partners, thank you for donating physical and digital gifts to make this Bible Study experience even more memorable for our participants. I want to especially thank Kory Callihan for her hard work and willingness to create and donate art in support of our free Bible study ministry. Finally,  to our Bible Study Launch Team, thank you for your early reviews and enthusiastic sharing of our studies.

Sarah Koontz

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